Top 5 qualities to become to a good team player

5 Qualities to become a good team player

Posted on 7th 8, 2015

A team player is about bringing individual talent on the table and brainstorming different ideas to make things alive. Therefore, knowing how to manage teamwork flow and being a good Team player is crucially important to determine success in your own hand.

There are 5 necessary qualities you need to sharpen to become a skillful player in your team.


1, Effective communication skill

Effective communication is a key that deepens your connections to others and improves Teamwork, decision-making, and problem-solving. Communication sounds simple, but too often many people get lost in translation. Sometimes when one says one thing, the other people hear something else, and misunderstanding and frustration ensue. Anyway, how can you prevent it from happening? Yeah! You must learn to improve an effective communication skill. This skill requires you to speak concisely and appropriately to a variety of people while keeping eye contact with the best smile and using non-verbal language based on the involved circumstances. Not only is speaking important in communication, but you must also become a relevant listener in the conversation. Try to understand the other people’s point of view without interruption and create an environment where the speakers feel free to raise their opinion.


2, Problem Solving

With as many problems as we all face with our work, it seems there is never enough time to answer each one along the way. The problems keep mounting so fast that we find ourselves in the never-ending cycle that is difficult to find any real solutions. The main problem is that we tend to see a problem as a problem, and we are uncomfortable to deal with it because we are afraid that something bad is going to happen, and we are blamed. Problem-solving is a principle of what a great team player exists to do. Being a team player, you must view every problem as a lens of opportunity and experience to learn and grow. Be courageous enough to tackle it beyond your responsibility. Also, you must define what the core problem your team face and look at every potential solution to support them. Lastly, you need to review the outcome of problem-solving over a period of time, including seeking feedback from the peers. Remember, you will feel unfamiliar and uncomfortable to solve the problem at first but keep practicing it. You will become an exceptional one.


3, Good Manner

Your office can become a productive and happy workplace when every employee set a role model by demonstrating with good manner. Respectful and courteous behavior can make members of your team involve actively in the production and work comfortably in a stress-free environment. Remember you are a reflection of your attitude. When you extend all the care, kindness, and understanding to other people, you will never become the same person again. You will be returned with respect and trust from your coworkers, and your relationship would be improved beyond your office. To achieve this, basically, you must learn how to greet everyone friendly and address their name as the way they want to hear it. Be on time to the meetings, conference calls or appointments. Over and above, acknowledge your mistakes with the apology and never forget to thank you when you are treated with kindness. Empathy and compassion with good manner will earn you respect and build you a ladder to success in your career.


4, Reliability

Reliability is genuinely important in building expectation and confidence from people surrounded. It has a tremendous impact on the performance of each individual as well as those who work with. At the working place, without it, you will not be provided a big task to implement, nor are you promoted to a higher position. Therefore, to be a good team player, you must grab this quality in your hand and prove your team members and managers that you are dependable to achieve assigned tasks with strong responsibility. Determine to work with your team to accomplish the organizational goal in a consistent manner. But anyway, how can you prove that you are reliable? To avoid deep thinking, I will show you some principles that are not difficult to carry out. You must learn how to control your production effectively and deliver the result within the dateline. Dateline is very important in the business world because it is the main element of earning trust from your partner. In case you anticipate you cannot complete the task by asking date, quickly report it to the people involved to take an appropriate action. In other respects, think as a team. You must think that your team benefit is for your own benefit.


5, Supportive and encouraging attitude

Last but not least quality, since a team player motivates other team members, effective leadership cannot be defined if one does not know how to support and encourage his team to master their own ability and work better. Most team players are usually confused that by performing their own tasks ideally in front of team members, they can inspire others and earn their respects. In fact, a true team player mostly is the best supporter in his own team. He put his team’s goal before his own priority. He inspires his team to see the vision of success is yet to come and make his team feel invested in the accomplishment of the projects. Therefore, when something unexpected happens, your team will need you, so be ready to give them your hands. You must have time to assist them and invest in them. Encouraging your team to believe in themselves and take a chance to challenge new things is also vital. Since you know that confidence and the positive attitude can improve the results of each individual, it is important that you not only do this for your team, but you help different teams to do the same for each other.