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It is important to prepare yourself well for your position. There are some basic manners that you need to focus on in order to be well prepared for the job. Jobs in Cambodia website will list these basic manners to help you in achieving your success.



The start of your day is very important for your work. You should greet your co-workers when you come to the office and when you leave from work. It shows that you are friendly and have a good communication with everyone at your workplace. You can use the words according to the place that you are working for if they have one for saluting. When you have a good communication with your co-workers, it shows that you have capability to be a Team player Communication is an important part for working as a team. Therefore, it requires you to greet and show respect to other people at your workplace.


Receiving Tasks from your leaders

The way you response while taking tasks from your boss determine your capability in working. Leaders always observe in every detail of your working style. When a leader ask you to do something, do not say NO or say that you cannot do it. If you say NO without first trying, it shows that you do not challenge enough with new opportunity. Moreover, receiving new task is the opportunity for promotion. You should always take a pen and a note with you when you meet with your boss so that you can note down all the main things that your boss says and it also help you not to forget about it later of the day. You need to listen carefully to what your boss says from the beginning to the end and then you can ask the questions. It is best to repeat what your boss has said to make sure that you understand correctly and share your opinion according to your own experience.


Reporting, Discussing and Communicating

Reporting is an important thing that every workers have to do in every working day. You have to report about everything related to work whether something is good or bad. Do not feel afraid to tell your boss. It is very important to report to your boss so that they can know all the update information related to your work. In addition, you need to discuss with your co-workers or your boss in any work that you are new with because they may have more experience than you. You need to have a good communication with your team in order to have a smooth progress in your work. Reporting, discussing and communicating are the important keys that you need to apply it in your every working day.






CV Preparation


Writing a CV is the first step and the most important step in applying for a job. Therefore, you have to pay a lot of attention in writing it.

interview preparation


Job interview is a crucial process to determine whether you are offered or rejected a position into the company.

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