how to prepar a good CV



Writing a CV is the first step and the most important step in applying for a job. Therefore, you have to pay a lot of attention on writing it. Jobs in Cambodia website will cover some main points that you need to have it in your CV in order to be successful when applying for a job.


General list for CV

In your CV should list all the important information about you in a good CV standard that is simple and easy to understand. The most important point is to impress the reader with your CV. Please make sure that your study period and working experience are matched.


Match your CV with the job requirements

The first thing you need to do before you write your CV is to understand clearly about the job requirements. Then, list down your job experiences that match with job requirements. This doesn’t mean you have come up with any experiences to match with it, but it means to write down your own experiences that match with the job. Remember to outline your experiences and what you can do relating to the position.


Understand about job requirements that you apply

You need to understand about the job requirements before you write your CV. You have to learn about the company and know the kind of products and services that they provide. Moreover, you need to understand clearly about responsibility of the position that you are applying for. The more you understand, the better it will help you in writing your CV.


Create your own experience

Sometimes you need to create new experience in order to prepare yourself for the job that you expect to get. Jobs of Cambodia website believes that it is very important to set a goal in your future job. You can learn about your future job from other people who have experience in that job and make effort in practising to get that job.






Interview Preparation


Top common Job interview questions is a crucial process to determine whether you are offered or rejected a position into the company.

Business Manner


It is important to prepare yourself well for your position. These are some Basic manners that you need to focus on.



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