jobs in cambodia for expats

Finding Jobs for an Expat in Cambodia

Posted on 28th 3, 2016

Moving to another country can give both good and scary experience. Cambodia is one of the most exciting countries which is the favour for living and offer you many places to visit. There are many beautiful mountains, waterfalls, wildlife, and lakes in this small Southeast Asian nation. Finding jobs as an expat in Cambodia is a part for foreigners who really want to work in Cambodia to make some money to live. Jobs in Cambodia depend on the type of employment you are finding. For foreigners, it is also important for those who speak English, but you also need to learn how to speak a little Khmer to get more engaged in Cambodian society. It will help you to get the jobs in Cambodia.

It’s a good idea for all foreigners that want to come to Cambodia to search in advance before arriving. Finding jobs for an expat in Cambodia is basically easier for those who are looking for a part time job in Cambodia.

Here are some types of jobs that is good for foreigners who want to work in Cambodia.

  1. NGO jobs: Some foreigners are looking for an NGO job that can bring them into the office that cooperates with foreign countries to develop Cambodian citizens. This can be benefits for both of you and the Cambodian people. In Cambodia, there are so many NGOs that offer you good jobs and can help you to travel around Cambodia for work. This kind of work, especially in the rural area of the country, mostly help the poor people.
  2. Volunteer job: Volunteering jobs in Cambodia is pretty easy to find, especially, for foreigners that have a willing to work to help Cambodian people. Volunteering is really powerful to engage people and developing challenges. This means you can connect yourselves to the group of society and individual society around the country. Not to mention, you can learn some skills from them. It not only connects to other people , but you can also earn lots of experiences and develop yourself.
  3. Teaching English: This is the most interesting job for an expat that lives in Cambodia. It allows you to make money from $10 at least to $15 per hour depending on your school where you’re teaching. In Cambodia, English is the second important language that is really powerful nowadays. Teenagers and children have to learn The English language. The reason that people have to know English is that most companies in Cambodia require English from their employees. Many women in Phnom Penh and even other provinces bring their children to English schools.
  4. Technical Skills: Finding this kind of job for an Expat in Cambodia can be easy. There are not so many technical people. This is a good opportunity for foreigners that have a chance to work as a technical person in Cambodia. This can help the country to have technical skill human resources like abroad.

For expatriates that are looking for a job in Cambodia will be easy in three main cities such as Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, and Sihanoukville. These are popular cities of Cambodia.