Job interview preparation



Job interview is a crucial process to determine whether you are offered or rejected a position into the company. It is an opportunity that you must impress the interviewers with your outstanding background and skills. Even though you do not have any impressive skills or experience, do not panic, here we are going to tell you how to persuade your employers that you are qualified to the job with the exceptional preparation.

Being well prepared for a job interview demonstrates the interviewers that you are genuinely interested in the job, so it is always important to know some tips before going to the interview.


Before The Interview Day

1. Carefully read the job description

It is easy to skip this step and an often deadly mistake if you do. Read the job requirements such as skills and experiences carefully, and make a list of how you can meet those requirements. You do not have to meet all of those criteria. You must prepare how you can prove to the employers you are an ideal candidate who can accomplish those duties after you are offered the job. Focus on your strength to complete the duty.


2. Visit the company website

The more you know about the company, the more you are familiar to the products and services of the company, so it is easier for you to prove that you are interested in the job and answer the questions more appropriately during the interview. Read the “About Us” section, its business, and its stakeholders. Understand the industry and the purpose of the company to make sure that it is what you want to be involved.


3. Anticipate what you will be asked

Knowing what you want to say before the interview is very important to handle with stumbling and fumbling. You cannot go to the interview room and get stuck in front of the interviewers with questions you have not prepared. Therefore, it is a smart move to know the questions you would be asked in the room and how to deal with those questions critically.


4. Practice the interview with friends

If you have a friend who is also preparing for an interview, consider to practice together. It is also nice if you can find a senior who has more experience of job interview. You can understand the structure and the process of the interview, what to mention, and what to avoid. You can practice with the concise answers with right terminology, keeping eye contact, and using appropriate gesture. After practicing, get a feedback and ask advice from your friend if you speak slowly or fast, or answer the questions smoothly with confidence or not. His feedback is very essential for you to make a change and strengthen your preparation.


5.Prepare few questions for the interviewers

Being able to answer the questions properly alone is not enough if you cannot impress the interviewers with your critical questions. At the end of interview, you will be asked if there are any questions. “No, not specific”. Surely, you would fail the interview. Therefore, prepare a few impressive questions to ask interviewers are unavoidable. Ask the questions that help you determine if the job with this employer really represents a good opportunity for you. Does the work sound like what you want to do? Do you like the people and the location? Is this really a place where you want to work?


The Day of Interview

1. Dress appropriately

When people meet each other at first, first impression is very important to determine if one can be his partner in business or not. Your destination is already decided a few seconds after you show up in front of the interviewers. Therefore, to avoid being judged wrongly, you need to dress appropriately to match the company culture. Show up with formal appearance that make a professional impression. Make sure your clothes are wrinkle-free and your shoes are nicely polished.


2. Show up with proper time

Punctuality is a subtle clue about attitude and behavior. If you arrive late for the interview, no matter the excuses or reasons, you will be considered out of the candidate list. Make sure you know exactly how to get there, if you drive, if you park, you need to arrive 20 to 15 minutes before the scheduled time. Consider about traffic congestion if your interview is conducted during rush hour. Calculate your time, and if you arrive too early, you can find a coffee shop nearby to release stress.


3. Make a good impression during the interview

Now you come to the most important part of your preparation. As you walk into the company, greet everyone with your smile and look at them with enthusiasm. Appear friendly and outgoing. Speak clearly and say “hello”, ”thank you”, or ”please” as much as you can. During the interview, you must be honest and remain involved. Answer the question as best as you can to persuade that you are qualified without lying the interviewers and clearly state your opinion with specific examples and detail. Remember, do not interrupt your interviewers and never put negative thoughts into the dialogue. And lastly, try to come off as a genuinely likeable person as you can. Of course, people want to work with intelligent ones, but mostly they rather work with people they like. So try to be one.






CV Preparation


Writing a CV is the first step and the most important step in applying for a job. Therefore, you have to pay a lot of attention in writing it.

Business Manner


It is important to prepare yourself well for your position. These are some basic manners that you need to focus on.



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