how to develop yourself?


Posted on 7th 8, 2015

Personal development is a lifelong process that people assess their abilities and qualities, and set goals to realize and maximize their potential. In fact, there are many things you can practise to sharpen your skills and dig up your hidden competence. It is wise to choose the ways that work best for you and keep doing them as a routine. As the old said, “motivation is what gets you started, habit is what keeps you going”. Below, we are going to introduce you the popular routines that many successful people practise in their daily life. Again, not everyone follows all of these methods, but they choose what works favorably for them. Pick some and try them out to see the result. Keep practicing them until they become ones of your habit.


Read at least 30mn a day

Reading is always the smart option for personal development. You can learn a lot of things from the authors and open new windows to the differences at every corner around the world. Reading good inspirational books such as self-help every day will empower and motivate you to challenge new things and feel positive towards others. Reading also teaches you to make a smarter decision in life because you can learn many experiences from the authors who walked the routes before you. As a full-time employee, it might sound difficult to read books after a long day working, but if you discipline yourself, it can become one of your relaxing habits after work. Based on the research, reading before going to bed is good for your brain function and help you to focus much better on your next day.


Spend some time doing nothing

It might sound silly but it does work for some people. When you keep your brain in peace and quiet mood, sometimes there are new useful ideas sprouting out inside you unexpectedly. With quiet, you can hear your thoughts, you can reach deep within yourselves, and you can focus. As a renowned finding, Newton found a gravity law after sitting quietly under an apple tree. Mozart also composed his famous symphony after sitting or eating alone in his room. Therefore, you should find some time alone doing nothing to relax your brain and give it a fresh start. Or you can start joining the yoga class or doing meditation for self-motivation. When ideas come, remember to note them down and reflect on them later.


Create at least 3 new ideas every day

People need to exercise their brain so that their brain can work better and faster. It is like sharpen your knife. The more you use it, the better outcome it produces, and an outstanding way to do it is to create new ideas, at least 3 each day. It can be anything. It can be about something that you see every day such us the watering flower. You can think of a new way to water your flower which is faster and easier for you to water it. After you have trained your brain to think differently and critically, it will make you reflect on things faster and more creatively. It takes a lot of affording at first, but your brain will get used to it after you keep creating 3 new ideas each day for 21 days. If you do the same thing for 21 times, it will become your habit.


Writing a journal

Keeping the records of events from your daily life is a sensational way to look back on what has happened. You would be surprised one day when you come across your untouched diary inside your desk drawer and take a look at what has happened along the way. There are many valuable things that you can learn from the past and that should never be forgotten. When you write, it will not only help improve your memory, but it could be the best souvenir to read in the future. In your journal, you can write about what has happened to you, your activities, your opinion, or your reflection throughout the day.