6 tips to achieve your goals

6 tips to achieve your goals of Successful people

Posted on 9th 2, 2016

When you were young, you wanted to be a doctor, a pilot, a singer, or a national soccer player. Without the doubt, you thought you could do anything. However, as time passes by, you face the difficulty and decide to give up your dream. Has it happened to you? If it has, change your mind right now. Anyone can be a master of their own destiny, and to be successful in your life, you must set a clear goal and working hard for it. You must ensure that you know what you are doing and who you want to become in the future.

Here are a few tips that give you some ideas to achieve it

  1. Setting Achievable Goals

    Setting up your goal whether you have a small goal or even big goal allows you to plan to achieve. Determine your goal by asking yourself some important questions and considering what you hope to attain for short-term, mid-term or long-term goals.

    • Short term: Make a note to track the progress of your own short goals. Make a deadline and try to finish them before it. Short term can’t be longer than 1 year.
    • Midterm: It lasts a few years. To reach the mid-term goal, you need to achieve your short term ones step by step. Make your goal specific and work hard with full responsibility. You may try to learn new things to make your goal easily achieved.
    • Long term: It requires time, and planning long-term goals usually take several years or more to get you there. Keep your action plan, write them down, and keep reviewing them.

Planning and creating the action plans: After you have set up your goal, it’s important to find out the best way to get you there quickly. Find out what works and what doesn’t work. Change your plan accordingly and keep taking action. When they happen as planned, you will achieve your goals.

  1. Making A Commitment

    You must believe you can do it. Feel confident about what you’re doing and never be afraid of failure. After you determine what you want to accomplish, go straight for it. You will face many difficulties in a middle way, but never let them hinder your will. Successful people never stops challenging and growing.

  2. Making Chance

    Chance happens to everyone, but successful people know how to catch it and make the best use of it. If it doesn’t happen to you, you can make it your own. Chance doesn’t happen accidentally but it depends on you.


  1. Keeping Learning

    The more you learn, the more you know and improve yourself. Keep learning from anyone around you who have different background and knowledge. Sharing knowledge is a plus strategy. When you share 1, you get 2. You can train yourself with books you read or the internet, and the best way is to get interaction with other people.

  1. Solving Problems

    The people who are successful never ever escaped from the problems, but they know how to correspond with them wisely and accordingly. They adhere firm responsibility in their task and make an utmost effort to make it flourish.

  2. Following Successful People

The best way to know the route well before you walk is to ask the ones who have traveled it. You will get some useful ideas of what to do and what to avoid. Listen and follow their advice. Successful people always have many mentors to guide them. Let decide yours.