Top 10 Ways to Keep Your Jobs

Top 10 Ways to Keep Your Jobs

Posted on 1st 4, 2016

Finding the job in Cambodia could be a little hard, but you can secure your job. To keep your job, you must perform your work with speed and quality. If you always want to improve your job skills, you have no need to worry about losing the job. Keeping your jobs is the way that makes you love your job and take care of your job earnestly.

It is important to know how to keep your current job and here are very powerful common tips you should know.

Top 10 common ways to keep your jobs

    1. Improve your relationship with your boss: It is an important thing to keep your job. It doesn’t mean to be best friend with your boss, but you should be warm,  respectful and friendly all the time.
    2. Work hard: Work as if you were a boss in your own company. It is your job that you love. To keep your jobs, you need to work harder. Do not spend your time too much with the entertainment, Facebook or any social media. Just focus on your work.
    3. Do not talk about your salary with your colleagues: That means if you are a good employee, and your have more salary than them, they will be upset with you, and they will make a complaint to your boss. This can make you into trouble with your job.
    4. Ask for feedbacks: If you want to improve your job, do not be afraid of asking for feedbacks to improve yourself. Do not put down the negative feedbacks. Let learn more about your mistakes and make a change.
    5. Learn from your boss: Follow up your boss activities at the workplace. Ask your boss to help him/her and find out about what they usually do every working time. This is can make you get along with them.
    6. Be honest: Say the truth at your workplace. Work honestly with every person, so they will love to work and trust you. So does your boss.
    7. Be on time: Who likes to work with people who are usually late? It is not a good if you want to keep your job. You must be on time for work. To keep your jobs, you need to make sure you are never late but could stay late.
    8. Be flexible: Flexibility is a tool to change or develop your skills. If someone or your company needs you to do something, you have to make a change to complete the task. Do the offer tasks smartly and flexible. It shows you have enough ability and responsibility to complete your assigned jobs.
    9. Look professional at all time: If you want to keep your jobs, keep yourself look so professional. Love what are you doing at your workplace.
    10. Keep it positive at all time: Never be negative with your work. You need to have a positive thinking. Always think about the possibility in what you do. If you want to keep your job, let think it is your great job.